Elizabeth Cai, MD, MBA

Med School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Grad School: Rutgers Business School
Hometown: Tarrytown, NY
Neighborhood: Downtown-ish
Why Yale? On the interview trail, most peds residents I met were pretty happy and friendly, and the Yale residents were no exception to that...but they really stood out for how aggressively they loved their program!! Now that I'm here I can definitely see why that is. Yale has great people and a fantastic culture (not just in peds but it seems pretty institutional)--incredibly supportive and focused on wellness. It also helped that my husband loved his interview day with IM and Yale is couples matching friendly! Coming from NY, I was initially apprehensive about living in a small city like New Haven, but it really exceeded my expectations--the quality of life is great here. It has enough of everything, but you never need to travel more than 10, maybe 20 minutes to get places. If you really crave the bigger city feel, NYC and Boston are close! If you want more nature, East Rock is right in New Haven and there are also great hikes just outside the city. There's beaches and boardwalks within 20 minutes as well!
Favorite Apizza: I love one 6 three or nolo for (a)pizza! favorite spot overall in New Haven is 10 second Yunnan noodle :)
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? Play with my cats, hang out with my husband if we share time off, attempting to do responsible healthy things like meal prep and work out