Demiana Azmy, MD

Program: Categorical Pediatrics
Med School: Albany Medical College
Hometown: Madison, CT
Neighborhood: Downtown New Haven
Why Yale? Let's just say that I've never laughed so much on a virtual zoom Q&A as I did on Yale's! Although interview season was virtual, I most definitely got "the vibe" of the Yale Peds Fam - comradery, kindness, and endless laughter. The leadership and residents are all extremely passionate, driven, and down-to-earth individuals. I was also very drawn to the program's strong community outreach and advocacy initiatives.
Favorite Apizza: As a CT native, Franke Pepe Pizzeria!!
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? I spend my time enjoying yummy meals with my loved ones, especially my adorable niece and nephew! I love crafting (peep the sweatshirt I made!) and keeping busy with my lettering art business "DemJoyous Occasions", spending time on the beach or in parks, playing volleyball or basketball, and traveling. Being part of a large extended Egyptian family and my Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christian community, I somehow find myself at a wedding or bridal shower on many free weekends!