Michael He, MD

Med School: Texas Tech El Paso - Paul L. Foster School of Medicine
Hometown: Beaumont, TX
Neighborhood: Downtown New Haven
Why Yale? I got to rotate here as a sub-I, and it was the entirety of the culture at Yale that struck me as being something special. I know everyone at every program hand waves ~~it's about the people~~ as the reason they chose their program, but I really do think that's the case. From the top down, there's a culture of valuing residents as peers and learners and not simply as employees. Leadership is so quick to take feedback to heart and make changes, and all the faculty I've worked with haven't hesitated to go to bat for me if an issue comes up. There's so much trust placed in us and a commitment to empowerment through graduated autonomy, and all these things combine to make Yale a really special place
Favorite Apizza: Sbarro
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? Honestly mainly Netflix and video games, but I guess the "I'm a real adult" interview trail answer is: going to the dog park, trying to recreate Texas staples like gumbo and kolaches, and board games - most recently Wingspan (which I hope is still hip by the time you read this)