Meghan Wilson, MD, MPH

Med School: University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Grad School: University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Hometown: Cheshire, CT
Neighborhood: Cheshire, CT
Why Yale? I knew when I arrived for my residency interview that I already loved the collaborative community here at Yale Peds. Everyone is incredibly supportive of one another and I truly cherish the relationships that I have with attendings, fellows, co-residents, nurses, and staff. I also love Yale Peds for its commitment to continuous program improvement and dedication to education. The attendings and fellows alike go out of their way to teach residents and offer unique research opportunities.
Favorite Apizza: Da Legna
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? I welcome any excuse to be outside in any season. When the opportunity arises I love playing the guitar and drums (jam band invites are always welcome), listening to music, reading, and honing my craft of Yelp reviews. I am also a loyal UCONN Women's Basketball and Penn State Football fan. My husband and I cherish the ability to travel and spend quality time with family and friends, including our cats Pixie and Sam.