McKenna Campbell-Potter, MD

Program: Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Med School: University of Minnesota Medical School
Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN
Neighborhood: Whitneyville area of Hamden!
Why Yale? I truly believe that as a resident, you will receive excellent clinical training almost anywhere. Yale, of course, is no exception to this. What set Yale apart, however, was the thoughtful balance between clinical excellence and care, compassion, and justice. I felt - and continue to feel - that this program cares about you: your story, your wellbeing, and your growth into the physician you want to be. It is this whole-hearted, well-rounded, pursue-our-fullest-potential kind of feel. And the people! This is a diverse group of genuine people with a wide range of interests and talents. Learning alongside them each day is the best.
Favorite Apizza: Modern (but honestly still a novice in the New Haven pizza scene)
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? I love being active! Running, yoga, skiing, dancing, hiking. Catching up with friends on a patio is also a favorite.