Max Tarica, MD

Med School: Medical College of Georgia
Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
Neighborhood: Downtown New Haven
Why Yale? The personalities and aspirations of the residents and program leadership as well as patient population of Yale Peds brought me here. The program emphasizes building residents as teachers and team leaders, looking out for one another, and balancing hard work with extra-curricular activities. The hospital is located within the community it serves and strives to meet the diversity and needs of New Haven with special attention paid to social determinants of health. So far, Yale Peds has lived up to the hype - this is a place where I feel I am becoming the physician I set out to be and am enjoying the process with those around me.
Favorite Apizza: Sally's
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? Well, it depends on the weather and the service I am on. Given sunshine and a full day, I'll head out to check out a beach, hike, or bike trail, stopping over for a hot and buttered lobster roll on beach days of course. With a half day, I'll usually play basketball with a few co-residents or get peer-pressured into going on a run. Other than that, card games (spades, gin rummy, hearts) keep a few of us busy at night. Lastly, I've been growing my cooking repertoire with help of my co-residents.