Krissy Obiakor, MD, MS

Program: Categorical Pediatrics
Med School: Rush Medical College of Rush University
Hometown: Shorewood/Milwaukee, WI (S.O. MIDWEST!!)
Neighborhood: Downtown New Haven
Why Yale? There were several reasons why Yale was my #1 choice of residency. Let me first tell you that although the choice quickly revealed itself, deciding which residency to go to is a difficult decision and one that I took 21+ days to intricately analyze. On my interview day I felt like I met my family. The social started off with me arguing with a resident about which jollof rice was best (Nigerian, DUH!), had icecream at the best icecream spot in town, was entertained by the beautiful guitar chords of the associate program director Dr. Berkwitt, went to a Diversity social that actually had enough diverse persons to have several seats at the table, actively fell in love & laughter with more than one resident, AND discussed real topics with our Program director Dr. Osborn regarding Yale and their progressive efforts to not only promote measurable health equity within our system and surrounding communities, but also create space to facilitate active anti-racism work within said system, and encourage open, honest discussion. As someone who is very passionate about health equity, community-engagement, mentorship, & advocacy for vulnerable persons/communities, it was clear that Yale had everything I WANTED to grow into the type of physician I NEEDED to become.
Favorite Apizza: Frank Pepe Pizzeria, but Bar is our (the intern fam’s) go-to spot for pizza :P
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? Go out dancing with the entire Yale Fam, blast music of various genres, share very overly-detailed and animated stories with friends & family, indulge in yummy cuisines throughout the city, have people over at my beautiful new apt to gasp at the best view in New Haven ;)