Katelyn Cusmano, MD

Program: Categorical Pediatrics
Med School: University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Hometown: Ledyard, CT
Neighborhood: Wooster Square
Why Yale? It sounds cliche, but I genuinely love the people. Even when I'm not at work I want to hang out with my coresidents. We go out of our way to look out for each other. I couldn't do this without them. I also think that Yale is a program that listens and takes what the residents say to heart. The leadership really cares about our wellness. As part of the wellness committee we have been able to redo the pediatric library, provide healthier snacks to residents, host wellness noon conferences, offer Zoom yoga sessions, and host events both inside and out of the hospital all within the last year, and that would not have been possible without support from the program. And honestly where else can I be on a Zoom Happy Hour listening to my Assistant Program Director play guitar while wearing four different pairs of sunglasses all while flames and smoke are coming out of his ears on the Zoom background?
Favorite Apizza: Well this is embarrassing...I don't have one. I could tell you where to find good coffee...
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? Running, baking, reading (book club!), finding the best coffee places, hiking, being outside in the sunshine