June Criscione, MD

Program: Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Med School: Yale School of Medicine
Hometown: Albany, NY
Neighborhood: East Rock
Why Yale? I came to Yale/ New Haven for Medical School and I am very happy to be staying for residency! While I cannot speak to experiences at any other medical schools or residency programs, I have always felt very supported at Yale and empowered to explore interests beyond the basics of medical school and now Med-Peds residency--while simultaneously taking care of my own well-being. There are SO many opportunities at Yale and in New Haven to grow as a clinician and all-around person. Much of this is due to the people of Yale, YNHH, and New Haven--from my medical school classmates to new-found residency friends, faculty members and other mentors, I have found a community of people who care deeply about the patient care and education that happens here. It also helps that I personally love living in New Haven--from it's proximity to beaches and other outdoor activities to the little things I discovery on a weekly basis, such as a volunteer run bike Coop or a butcher shop selling local, humanely raised products.
Favorite Apizza: It varies, but currently a fan of "The Big Green Pizza Truck" - a newer and lesser known establishment in East Rock!
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? Urban "hikes;" reading; writing; cooking - especially for friends; gardening,; beach trips; all the fruit picking - apples, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, etc.