Heather Riggio

Undergrad: Arizona State University (BA Candidate)
Hometown: Cromwell, CT
Neighborhood: I believe I live in “ The Vill” or Newhallville in New Haven
Why Yale? I love Yale Peds for many reasons, but two of the top would be because of the family dynamic that we share and the honesty I feel that we share with one another.
Favorite Apizza: So, I would say that my favorite pizza in New Haven would have to be OneSixThree. As un-New Haven as this is I am not a fan of the usual favorites and have never even had Sally’s Pizza.
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? I am a painter, I love cooking and I am a big fan of UberEats. I am an avid movie watcher especially Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies. If I was much younger I would probably be totally into LARPing! I go for walks and hikes and just started bike riding along the trails with my son. I have also recently learned how to knit!