Chelsea Young, MD

Program: Categorical Pediatrics
Med School: Penn State College of Medicine
Hometown: Sandy Hook, CT
Neighborhood: Cheshire, CT
Why Yale? I love Yale! My co-residents are amazing and so supportive. The chiefs are great and always have candy available for the hard days (and the not so hard days). We have every sub specialty imaginable and the attendings/fellows are incredible at teaching. There is a reason so many people after residency end up staying at Yale!
Favorite Apizza: Modern Pizza is the best! It's such a fun place to hang out and the pizza is amazing. I strongly recommend it when you're post call. It's particularly good then.
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? It's easy to stay busy outside of the hospital. I tend my garden, knit, read, hang out with my co-residents, and obsessively love on my cats. That doesn't include all of the amazing things to do in New Haven from different restaurants to the shopping.