Channelle Carr, MD

Program: Categorical Pediatrics
Med School: Howard University College of Medicine
Hometown: Palm Bay, FL
Neighborhood: Westville
Why Yale? During my 4th year of medical school, I had the amazing opportunity to do an away rotation at Yale. During that time I discovered that Yale Peds is a group of intelligent, fun, compassionate residents, attendings and staff. I am so happy and proud to work with people that I have learned from, laughed so hard I cried with, brainstormed, and confided in. Love my Yale Peds fam!
Favorite Apizza: Pepe's
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? In my spare time, I like to travel, go to the beach, watch TV (Insecure is my favorite show!), go to brunch, work out at home, meditate, take care of my plants (proud plant mom!), and go to happy hour with co-residents!