Amanda Quijano, MD, PhD

Med School: Yale School of Medicine
Grad School: Yale School of Medicine
Hometown: Short Hills, NJ
Neighborhood: Durham, CT
Why Yale? I know it sounds cheesy, but the people! Choosing a residency became a simple choice for me when I realized I wanted to go to the program where I was going to be the happiest. We work hard, we learn a lot, and we have great exposure to a wide variety of complex patient cases and a diverse patient population. But I’m only able to fully take advantage of how these things help me become the best pediatrician I can be because this environment and the program leadership along with my peers are there to help support me as a whole person - helping me the best version of myself - pediatrician and otherwise.
Favorite Apizza: I'm really more of an Ice Cream than Pizza person (though I'll never say no to Da Legna... ) My family and I try a new ice cream spot around Connecticut every weekend and we have MANY favorites.. but in New Haven proper, it doesn't get any better than Ashley's Coffee Oreo!
How do you stay busy outside the hospital? Spending time with my husband, kids and dogs, running long-distances, hiking, going to the beach, and searching for the newly-released limited-edition Oreo flavors.